Susanne Wiebe

German Fashion Designer

"Accentuating, figure-hugging, feminine"

What is Wiebe?

‘Accentuating, figure-hugging, feminine’ - this brief directive the design studio immediately shows where the statement for designer Susanne Wiebe’s new collection lies.

For years her trademark has been extravagant sensual fashion, a great favourite with artists and self-assured businesswomen.

Nowadays I think it’s really important that the garment sits perfectly, enhances beauty and is as comfortable as a second skin. An absolute ‘must-have’ for modern city adventurers’ she says, smiling with the knowledge that she herself is one of them. One day energetically cycling through Munich with bright pink lips and unmistakable blond locks, the next on familiar territory in Hong Kong, Beijing or New York; managing her meetings as purposefully as ever and sill finding time to take some quick photos with her small digital camera. Inspirations which flow into her collections and make them instantly recognizable.

It is her personality - a mix of sex appeal and humour, artistic enthusiasm and down-to-earth outlook coupled with a get-up-and-go quality - which defies all the usual squabbles within the trade and ensures success. She feels equally at home in the salon or the artist’s studio, in the cutting room or on the podium of a university lecture hall.

Born in Stuttgart she grew up in Tehran, studied painting in Berlin and finished an apprenticeship in the craft of cabinet making. She then went on to design fur and leather garments as well as costumes for theatre and cabaret. Back then blond and wildly feminine, she was portrayed by Salomé one of the most prominent young wildlings - breathless with a bicycle against a chrome yellow background.

She often collaborated on creative projects with well known artists such as Salomé, Anne Judd and Elvira Bach.

Until his passing in 2013, she lived with the sculptor, painter and philosopher Hans-Matthäus-Bachmayer. An artistic blessing for both: her easiness and savor-vivre complimented the expressiveness of his philosophic and artistic work - his strong color sensitivity, influenced by the famous international artist group ‘Cobra’, pointedly emphasizes the dramatic black of Wiebe designs with energizing color compositions and wild motives inspired by journeys to Polynesia and the Maoris of New Zealand.

Susanne Wiebe is constantly pushing the border between class and provocation: fabric mix with signaling effect such as pleats on latex, brilliant prints against black, casual against clear-cut lines, Shanghai photo prints by Hans M. Bachmayer and Susanne Wiebe against her favourite color black and a variety of other colors such as orchid, dixiegreen, night, bloodred and indigo.

In 2015 Susanne Wiebe discovered the world of Pop-up Stores and started this successful adventure at the same time as the world renowned Salzburg Opera Festival at one of the most exclusive locations, the hotel “Bristol“ on Makartplatz, Salzburg. Here she personally welcomes her incredible loyal, international clients, who had previously bought Susanne Wiebe collections at hotspots all over the world.

Wiebe designs are at home all over the world.